[Bug default/18838] Normalize the output of abidw

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--- Comment #4 from andrew.c.morrow at gmail dot com ---
I agree with what you are saying in the sense of deciding manually if an
application should re-link. Not all ABI changes in a dependent library require
a re-link.

However, my use case is more narrow and less procedurally flexible.

I'm interested in the ABI hash as part of a best-effort elimination of needless
re-links in a build system that generates lots of shared libraries. In other
words, if liba.so depends on libb.so, and libb.so was just rebuilt, I'd like to
avoid rebuilding liba.so - if possible. If the ABI hash of libb.so didn't
change, then I definitely don't need to re-link liba.so. If it did change then
I'll just re-link liba.so. Perhaps that wasn't strictly necessary as you point
out, but at worst that is a missed build time optimization.

Needing to have access to two versions of libb.so is also problematic in the
context of a build system like SCons, because there typically is no way to
retain the prior version of libb.so, or name such a thing in the dependency

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