Building libabigail on Ubuntu 14.10 -- problems with elfutils/libebl.h

Dodji Seketeli
Thu Jan 1 00:00:00 GMT 2015

Mark Wielaard <> a écrit:

> Please don't use ebl directly, it really isn't meant to provide a
> interface outside internal elfutils development purposes.

Hmmh.  On Fedora, the fact the header elfutils/libebl.h was installed by
the elfutils-devel package made me think that it was OK to use it.
Thanks for clarifying this.

> There isn't really a good way to map EM_ values to machine architecture
> names. I am afraid you will have to write something yourself using the
> comments in elf.h describing each EM_ constant. Or use the descriptions
> from the gabi spec:

Argh, this is what I wanted to avoid.  Okay, I'll work on this tomorrow

Eric, sorry for this annoyance, I'll work on this tomorrow and come up
with a way around the use of elfutils/libebl.h so that we can you
libabigail on ubuntu.

I'll reply to this email thread to keep you posted.

Thank you for raising this issue,



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