Abidiff caveats questions.

Maxim Ostapenko m.ostapenko@partner.samsung.com
Thu Jan 1 00:00:00 GMT 2015

>> but is there any way abidiff could resolve this issue (perhaps resolve
>> versioned symbol somehow)?
> Not at this point, no.  But I guess one could imagine to perform some
> tweaks.
> For instance, you could save the ABI representation of libtirpc into the
> XML format of libabigail by using the abidw tool:
>      abidw libtirpc.so > libtirpc.so.abi
> Then you can edit the libtirpc.so.abi file as you wish (it's an XML
> file), by changing the symbol version there (for instance, by saying
> that it has a GLIBC_2.2.5 version, for instance).  Then when you are
> done, you can compare that modified libtirpc.so.abi with libc-2.20.so by
> doing:
>      abidiff libtirpc.so.abi libc-2.20.so
> I believe that should work.  If not, then there is a bug in there that
> should be fixed.
Dodji, thank you for your suggestion. Unfortunately this doesn't work 
for me, I've ran to the such issue:

$ abidw libtirpc.so > libtirpc.so.abi
$ abidiff libtirpc.so.abi libc-2.20.so

  abidiff: /home/max/src/libabigail/src/abg-reader.cc:203: void 
abigail::xml_reader::read_context::map_id_and_node(const string&, 
xmlNodePtr): Assertion `is_ok' failed.

Quick analysis showed, that abidiff deals with 'enum-decl' here, I'm 
going to file a bug to bugzilla soon.

Thank you,

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