New assertions fire while using abidiff

Dodji Seketeli
Thu Jan 1 00:00:00 GMT 2015

Hello Eric,

Eric Fiselier <> a écrit:

> Ever since commit 635e5fa6b2df20f49f70fdd5b02c5d63cd71ae36 I see the
> following error message when using abidiff on libc++.


> abidiff: ../../src/ size_t
> abigail::ir::class_decl::hash::operator()(const abigail::ir::class_decl&) const:
> Assertion `cl && (!cl->get_is_declaration_only() ||
> cl->get_definition_of_declaration())' failed.
> If your interested in building libc++ to verify instructions can be found here:
> Otherwise I will help in whatever way I can to fix this. Please let me
> know if I can provide any more information.

Thank you for reporting this.  Would it be possible that you file a bug
to for
this issue?  It's be very helpful to provide the exact binaries (built
with debug info) that you used to reproduce the error in that bug



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