intpart module?

Tito Sacchi
Thu May 31 19:01:00 GMT 2018


I’d like to start working on some code on integer partitions,
combinatorics, and related algorithms
(Young tableaux, hook lengths...) in a new module that I’d call
“intpart” (or “intparts”, tell me).
I have already read the GSL Homepage which says that “any new
functionality is encouraged as
packages”, but such module isn’t very specific, and creating a package
would signify creating a totally
different library which probably wouldn’t even use any GSL function
(could we call it an extension?);
then we’ll end up with another C library which probably won’t get
integrated into GSL, so I thought
you might be interested in including it directly into the main library
(obviously after testing ecc.).
Just let me know if you prefer that I work on the anonymous clone of
the Savannah repo, or that I
start a separate project, maybe on GitHub.

Yours sincerely,
Tito Sacchi

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