GSL extension ode-initval2-1.0 released

Tuomo Keskitalo
Sat Jan 2 08:19:00 GMT 2010


FYI: I've released version 1.0 of ode-initval2 (ODE solver) extension 
library to GSL. Comments are welcome. It's available at

Compared to GSL 1.13 ode-initval, ode-initval2 includes new Adams and 
BDF multistep methods (msadams and msbdf). Implicit steppers rk2imp and 
rk4imp have been modified to use Newton iteration, and implicit Euler 
method (rk1imp) has been added. Also, a new driver level has been added 
to simplify the use of the library.

The main change compared to previous version (ode-initval2-0.9) is in 
the interfaces. Now the stepper, evolve and control objects include a 
pointer to the driver object, through which they can communicate.

PS. I took down my ode-initval-additions git repository, since I have 
not updated it for a while.



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