test release 1.10.90

Brian Gough bjg@gnu.org
Wed Mar 19 22:33:00 GMT 2008

There is a new test release for gsl-1.10 available


Please try it out and report any problems here.  Thanks.

I've upgraded libtool, autoconf and automake to the very latest
versions so there may be some breakage.  This includes the recent
libtool-2.2 release (previous released used libtool-1.5).

Brian Gough

** Improved the handling of the asymptotic regime in gsl_sf_bessel_jl.

** Improved the handling of large arguments in cumulative distribution
   functions using the incomplete beta function, such as gsl_cdf_fdist_P.

** Fixed overflow bug in gsl_cdf_hypergeometric_{P,Q} for large

** gsl_ran_gaussian_ziggurat now handles generators with different ranges
explicitly, to minimise the number of function calls required.

** Added missing error terms in gsl_sf_exp_mult_e10_e to prevent
   the error being underestimated.  

** Updated some constants to the CODATA 2006 values.

** The hypergeometric function gsl_sf_hyperg_2F1 now handles the case
   where x==1.

** Fixed a bug in the brent minimiser which prevented optimal convergence.

** Added functions for evaluating complex polynomials

** The convergence condition for gsl_multiroots_test_delta now accepts
dxi == 0.

** Improved functions gsl_ldexp and gsl_frexp to handle the full range
of double precision numbers in all cases.

** Added new quasi random generators gsl_qrng_halton and
gsl_qrng_reversehalton which support dimensions up to 1229.

** Added function gsl_multifit_linear_residuals for computing the
residuals of the fit

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