intel compilers

Brian Gladman
Fri Feb 1 14:45:00 GMT 2008

Gideon Simpson wrote:
> which version of the icc did you use?  I had to add to use the 
> -no-multibyte-chars flag to get it to work.  apparently this is a bug in 
> the compiler.

I think I first got this working with version 9 but I did have a few 
problems. I reported these to Intel and they fixed them in  a later 
release.  It certainly works with version 10 although, as I report here:

there are some errors in testing.

Right now the Intel compiler doesn't work with Visual Studio 2008 so I 
cannot test this again. But I am expecting a new release of the Intel 
compiler shortly and I will then see how this works with VS 2008.

    Brian Gladman

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