Unwanted compiler optimization (was: Bug report and fix for adaptive step size control in ODE solving)

Jochen Küpper jochen@fhi-berlin.mpg.de
Thu Jan 3 09:01:00 GMT 2008

Dear Optimization specialists,

On 02.01.2008, at 19:46, Frank Reininghaus wrote:

> Jochen Küpper wrote:
>> However, why don't you test what you really describe your comment?  
>> This would look like the following (untested):
>>  h0 = GSL_MAX_DBL(GSL_DBL_MIN, (t0 != t0+h0) ? h0 :  
> Actually, I had been thinking of something like that first, but then  
> I was afraid that an optimising compiler might transform 't0 !=  
> t0+h0' into '0 != h0', making the patch useless for the 'h0 <  
> GSL_DBL_EPSILON*t0' problem.

Is this an optimization that is considered valid even for floating- 
point calculations in compiler building?

Maybe we should ask our friends from the GCC development about it...

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