Japanese translation of the reference manual

TOMINAGA Daisuke tominaga@cbrc.jp
Fri Nov 10 14:28:00 GMT 2006

It's great! How happy I am!
Thank you very much.

I've put links to GSL and it's development pages, too. :-)

On 2006/11/10, at 21:00, Brian Gough wrote:

> TOMINAGA Daisuke wrote:
>> Dear all,
>>     Thank you very much for kind responses and indications. I'm  
>> happy about an Japanese reader was found.
>>     I misunderstood the license of the original reference manual.  
>> I wrote "license of this translation is GPL 2, same as original"  
>> in my translation. It was corrected, and I changed the license of  
>> translated manual to GFDL v.1.2 or later, same as original.
>> URL, again -> http://www.cbrc.jp/%7Etominaga/translations/gsl/ 
>> gsl-1.8/index-e.html
> Great, I have added that to the webpage at
> http://www.gnu.org/software/gsl/ and in the GSL README and texinfo  
> files. Thanks for your work.
> -- 
> Brian Gough

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