Let C++ always use inline functions (patch)

Jochen Küpper jochen@fhi-berlin.mpg.de
Sun Jun 11 18:59:00 GMT 2006


attached is a patch against current CVS that will always use the
inline-d versions when using a C++ compiler.

It replaces the old test for "HAVE_INLINE" by a test for that macro
/or/ C++:
| -#ifdef HAVE_INLINE
| +#if (defined HAVE_INLINE) || (defined __cplusplus)

This is ok, as a C++ compiler is required by the standard to handle

It helps, because C++ programs then always use the faster inline
versions automatically. 
(C++ programs often don't define HAVE_INLINE at all and it is an
unnecessary burden on the programmer.)

A few Makefiles had to be adopted to link test-binaries against
libgslcomplex.la, this is included in the patch.

It would be great if this could make it into the next release;)

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