Generalized SVD (GSVD)

Karaoulis Marios
Mon Jun 5 18:45:00 GMT 2006

Brian Gough wrote:
> Karaoulis Marios writes:
>  > Hi, i am searching an GSVD algorithm (Matrix Computations Golub , Van 
>  > Loan chapter 8.7.3). All i can find is lapack and clapack funvtions, 
>  > which i can't really undersrtadn them in order to use them. Are any 
>  > plants for this function?
> Sorry we don't have that function, you can find a complete list of
> available matrix decompositions in the GSL Manual.  We'd like to add
> GSVD too but I can't give any timescales.
Basically i am trying right now to write one (depending on Matlab's 
one). I believe i will finish it by the end of this week (if i find 
time). But i could use some help....

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