GSL-1.8 for Visual Studio 2005

Brian Gladman
Fri May 19 19:06:00 GMT 2006

For those who are interested in using GSL-1.8 with Microsoft Visual
Studio 2005, I have now updated my earlier port of GSL using the
Microsoft compiler.  The build files and GSL files that need to be
modified are available here:

This port supports both static library and DLL builds for both 32 and 64
bit systems. It also implements the tests, all of which pass expect one
where I believe the test values are themselves inaccurate.

My apologies if this message duplicates another message since I am
reposting because an earlier attempt to post to the list failed.

Last but not least, my congratulations to the GSL team for their
excellent work on GSL.

    Brian Gladman

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