[Help-gsl] 2d FFTs, DCTs, etc.

Brian Gough bjg@network-theory.co.uk
Mon May 15 19:54:00 GMT 2006

James Bergstra writes:
 > Admittedly, what I had in mind was in fact a third interface, that adds
 > considerable code, and no new functionality.  I don't believe that it should
 > replace the gsl fft api.  I like the extension system, and I think this is the
 > sort of thing that would make a good extension.
 > My goal was an API that is as easy to call as gsl's, and that admits an FFTW
 > implementation, but doesn't require it ( gsl has a priority of being
 > self-contained).

I am pretty sure it should be possible to create a wrapper that allows
FFTW to be substituted for GSL calls with no changes to the user code
(by using suitable #defines or dynamic linking to substitute the
alternative functions).  For single-threaded code at least the FFTW
plan can be created in the GSL wavetable setup.

Brian Gough

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