gsl_quaternion proposition

Brian Gough
Mon May 15 19:54:00 GMT 2006 writes:
 > I attached here a proposition for a gsl_quaternion base on the gsl_complex.
 > The tar file containe a quaternion directory.
 > Just extract it and apply the patch to the gsl CVS version:
 > The patch just add the quaternion directory to the and modify
 > the generation the Makefile from the quaternion directory.
 > after this regenerate the ./configure and ./configure;make
 > I ispired myself a lot from the gsl_complex as quaternion are a generalization of the complex. 
 > I hope it will not be to painfull to test.
 > for now I have just implemented
 > the basic add sub mul and somme other basic method.
 > please have a look at the gsl_quaternin_math.h
 > For each function of math.c I wrote a test in test.c


Thanks for your email.  If you plan to distribute it, I'd ask for a
different prefix from "gsl_" to avoid confusion.  I put some notes
about making extensions at 
If you want to follow those I can list it as an extension at if you like.

Brian Gough

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