new testing version 1.7.90

Brian Gough
Wed Mar 29 12:57:00 GMT 2006

Stefan Gerlach writes:
 > After defining RANLIB=granlib, AR=gar and MAKE=gmake "gmake" and "gmake check" 
 > works now.
 > Shouldn't "configure" print out an error message if "ar" wasn't found?

Can you try this update and tell me if it makes any difference:

If it still happens I'd like to see the complete configure output,
config.log and the PATH.

I've looked into the other errors on SUSE, they are from libtool but
are just stray messages, they don't affect the compilation.

checking dynamic linker characteristics... cat: /etc/*.conf: No such file or directory

mkdir .libs
mkdir: cannot create directory `.libs': File exists

Brian Gough

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