new testing version 1.7.90

Stefan Gerlach
Mon Mar 27 16:48:00 GMT 2006

The compiler flag "-mieee" is needed to fix this problem with gcc and ccc on 

As the gcc manual says :
     The Alpha architecture implements floating-point hardware
     optimized for maximum performance.  It is mostly compliant with
     the IEEE floating point standard.  However, for full compliance,
     software assistance is required.  This option generates code fully
     IEEE compliant code _except_ that the INEXACT-FLAG is not
     maintained (see below).  If this option is turned on, the
     preprocessor macro `_IEEE_FP' is defined during compilation.  The
     resulting code is less efficient but is able to correctly support
     denormalized numbers and exceptional IEEE values such as
     not-a-number and plus/minus infinity.  Other Alpha compilers call
     this option `-ieee_with_no_inexact'.

I think the file INSTALL isn't correct here.
On Alpha the Compaq C compiler is called "ccc", "cc" is just a link to "gcc". 
Only on Tru64 UNIX the Compaq C compiler is called "cc".

Stefan Gerlach

On Monday 27 March 2006 17:14, Brian Gough wrote:
> Stefan Gerlach writes:
>  > 3. RedHat 7.1 ALPHA EV6, gcc/ccc and Debian 2.2, ALPHA EV67, gcc :
>  > ...
>  > make  check-TESTS
>  > make[2]: Entering directory `/tmp/gsl-1.7.90/ieee-utils'
>  > FAIL: float x = -1*0, sign is - (0 observed vs 1 expected) [5]
>  > FAIL: test
> This seems to be a problem with Alpha.  I don't have access to any
> alpha systems.
> Maybe somebody can figure it out... you might need some CFLAGS options
> (see the Alpha section in the INSTALL file).
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