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Brian Gough
Wed Mar 15 16:26:00 GMT 2006

Arthur K. Barnes writes:
 > Thanks for a great library. I notice that the GSL documentation for
 > the BLAS wrappers include function prototypes, but not a description
 > of what each function does.  Granted, it is possible to infer
 > functionality from the function name, and there is a link to the BLAS
 > documentation, but it still is a bit of a pain. I'm willing to produce
 > a patch for a completed version, but I'm curious if there is a reason
 > for referring to the BLAS documentation.

Just to save typing.  Some of the definitions are quite complicated,
e.g the modified Givens transformations has a long description in the
original papers if I remember correctly.  There is a quick reference
card on the Netlib blas page that does give the basic definitions -- I
usually use that.

Certainly if you want to have a go probably best to try a few
definitions and send them to me to have a look -- there is an
explanation of how to typeset the mathematics in Texinfo in
doc/gsl-design.texi now.

Brian Gough

Network Theory Ltd,
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