hosting binary packages

Brian Gough
Mon Mar 13 12:51:00 GMT 2006

Stefan Gerlach writes:
 > I want to ask if there is an official place where binary packages of gsl for 
 > different distributions can be found. I found some private sites with various 
 > gsl packages but that's not very convenient.


Generally I am not a great believer in distributing binaries by ftp
from a security viewpoint--it is better for distributors to do that,
as a tested part of their distribution, or for people to compile from
source (which is not too difficult in the case of GSL).

 > I could provide binary package for more than a dozen distributions that have 
 > no or old gsl packages. Maybe it is possible to set up a sourceforge project 
 > to host binary gsl packages.

If the distributions are minor ones, I wouldn't think it's worth it to
be honest.  If there are some major distributions which are not
including it or have stopped maybe I can ask them why or ask them to
add it.  Last time I checked, it was included in RHEL/Fedora, SUSE,
Mandriva and Debian.

Brian Gough

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