Macintosh / Intel

Brian Gough
Thu Mar 2 19:23:00 GMT 2006

Darren Foltinek writes:
 > We are using the GSL library on Mac/PPC machines, and recently 
 > got one of the new Intel-based Macs.
 > Trying to compile GSL on the Intel Mac, it does not use the correct 
 > ieee-utils/fp-* code and so the compile fails.
 > This machine has, in it's /usr/include/architecture directory BOTH 
 > a "ppc" subdirectory and an "i386" subdirectory.
 > The config.guess script correctly identifies the machine as "i386-
 > apple-darwin8.4.1".


If you change the line

  #include <architecture/ppc/fp_regs.h> 

in ieee-utils/fp-darwin.c to

  #include <architecture/i386/fp_regs.h> 

does it work?

Brian Gough

Network Theory Ltd,
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