Re^2: update of Physical constants list

Richard Mathar
Thu Feb 16 20:34:00 GMT 2006

bg> From  Wed Feb 15 15:30:12 2006
bg> From: Brian Gough <>
bg> Cc:
bg> Subject: Re: update of Physical constants list
bg> Richard Mathar writes:
bg> rjm> Starting from gsl 1.7 it makes sense to update the natural
bg> rjm> constants of const/gsl_const_mksa.h and const/gsl_const_num.h
bg> rjm> according to some recent NIST values as patched with 'diff -u'
bg> rjm> below.
bg> Thanks.  We should probably have some way to version these files, to
bg> avoid confusion over the changes in values.
bg> ...

To allow reproduction of results based on older versions of the constants,
one might include a simple cpp functionality

....<versions GSL 1.7>
....<most recent constants>

such that the unaware users get the most recent version, but others can
move back to GSL 1.7 by using a -D switch of their compiler to select
the older version.

Richard J. Mathar

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