Documentation build error from CVS

Brian Gough
Thu Feb 9 17:15:00 GMT 2006

Kevin Bube writes:
 > the documentation does not build from CVS at the moment:
 > | /home/kevin/data/src/c/cvs/gsl/doc//randist.texi:170: No matching `@end deftypefun'.

Thanks, now fixed.

 > I guess pdftex looks for the documentation figures in pdf format which
 > are not supplied by GSL up to now. Is the recommended way to get a pdf
 > manual ps2pdf (as make ps works)? Shouldn't this also be in the
 > Makefile then?

Yes, ps2pdf on the postscript is the recommended way.  I'll correct
the makefile to avoid the error.

Brian Gough

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