Random number generators

Jochen Küpper jochen@fhi-berlin.mpg.de
Sun Jan 8 00:29:00 GMT 2006

Heiko Bauke <heiko.bauke@physik.uni-magdeburg.de> writes:

> For (multiple) linear congruential generators with prime moduls a
> seedup up to a factor 15 can be gained by switching from a
> implementation that uses 32-bit arithmetic to 64-bit arithmetic.

Wow. I would like to see that in GSL for sure;)

> Instead of checking for LLONG_MAX it would be better to check in the
> configure skript, if the data type long long is available and to define
> a HAVE_LONG_LONG macro in config.h. But unfortunately I do not know
> enough about autotools to integrate such a machnism.

| AC_CHECK_TYPES([long long])

Maybe it would be better to check for int64_t?
| AC_CHECK_TYPES([int64_t])

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