Brian Gough
Mon Dec 12 16:08:00 GMT 2005

Giulio Bottazzi writes:
 > I have a very short question:
 > why the (otherwise extremely handy) function
 > const gsl_rng_type * gsl_rng_env_setup (void)
 > independently decides to print the environment variables and their
 > values to stderr? This behaviour is, in my humble opinion, a little bit
 > counter-intuitive... at least, if these messages are really necessary
 > (but I don't think so) something like

I wanted it to follow the standard Unix command-line behavior.  The
gsl IEEE setup functions does the same.  When I run a program I do

  ./a.out >log 2>&1 

and all the relevant environment variable seetings then appear at the
top of the logfile as a permanent record.

Brian Gough

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