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Fabian Bastin
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Just some suggestions, but not necessarily the best ones. Instead of 
rewritten routine for nonlinear optimization, could it be possible to 
link GSL and Opt++ in some way? I think that Opt++ is a very nice 
library, published under LGPL, for nonlinear nonconvex optimization: However, it is written in C++ instead of C.

You could also look at the package IPOPT, maintained by Andreas Wachter 
(IBM, New York):
IPOPT is published under the Common Public Licence, and is very efficient.



Przemyslaw Sliwa wrote:
> Hi,
> Excellent!
> This is one of the main issues missing in gsl.
> But which algorithms did you use fur the local minimization?
> See:
> Fab promised to fix the bfgs code, but is still inefficient.
> It could be nice to have a comparison with another routines.
> I could do this for NAG > they have an excellent module for minimization with nonlinear constrains.
> Look forward to hearing from you.
> Regards,
> Przemyslaw
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