discrete wavelet transform

Ivo Alxneit ivo.alxneit@psi.ch
Sun Mar 7 15:56:00 GMT 2004

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i have put together functions to calculate the discrete wavelet transform in 
1D (gsl_vector_double) and 2D (gsl_matrix_double). i have already implemented 
different wavelets (beylkin, coiflet, daubechies, haar).

i have verified the output against paul addisons illustrated wavelet transform 
book and matlabs wavekit. the numerical output is the same (minus 
rounding/numerics) but note that the position of the T submatrices occuring 
at each levels is different in the book compared with the output of wavekit. 
the position of Th and Tv (the off-diagonal blocks are exchanged). the output 
of my implemetation is the same as in the book.

is this something that could be included in gsl? if yes i would still need to 
write some tests (suggestions welcome) and documentation.

the attached archive contains the code and illustrations for 1D and 2D.
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