Building GSL under Windows

Lars Schouw
Thu Mar 4 13:20:00 GMT 2004

Just a short update: Compiled GSL under cygwin now.

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How do I build GSL for Windows?
I looked at the HACKING file but it does not tell me how to generate the
.dsw make files for Visual studio 6.
I tried to run the perl scripts under msvc, after getting out all the files
from cvs. This did not create a project with all the source files included
in the project.
I was also missing the libgsl.nm.dat and libgslcblas.nm.dat files referred
to in the makefile.
My environment:
I am using Visual Studio .NET 2003, have perl and cygwin (just in case)
installed. I am running under Windows 2003 server.
In the end I want to use the Intel 8 compiler and optimize fro SSE2 to get
some better performance on Intel processors.
I need to build it myself so I can make sure it is possible to link with the
same compiler.
I have been searching through the mailing lists and it look like a common
problem for a lot of people.
Brian can you help me make the documentation better? I can update it if you
can tell me how. 
I am a professional C++ programmer since 9 years and have been programming
under Windows and UNIX (Solaris, HPUX and Linux).
I am already using the precompiled version under Visual Studio 6 and .Net
2003. debug and release versions.
When I tried under the Intel compile 8 in release optimized version it
In the meanwhile while waiting for answers I will setup Linux in a virtual
machine and see how GSL has to be compiled there.
Lars Schouw
lars at schouw dot com

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