Compiling from CVS

Brian Gough
Thu Feb 19 10:22:00 GMT 2004

Jacek Pliszka writes:
 > Now I have problems compiling, file version-ref.texi seems to be
 > missing:
 > Making all in doc
 > make[2]: Entering directory `/home/pliszka/ph/numerics/powell/gsl/doc'
 > /bin/sh /home/pliszka/ph/numerics/powell/gsl/missing --run makeinfo   -I
 > . \
 >  -o `test -f 'gsl-ref.texi' || echo './'`gsl-ref.texi
 > gsl-ref.texi:106: @include `version-ref.texi': No such file or
 > directory.

Did you use "./configure --enable-maintainer-mode"? (this should be
mentioned in the HACKING file, I think)

The version.texi file has to be generated automatically, and this is
only done in "maintainer mode".

Brian Gough

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