exception handling complex elementary functions (fwd)

Brian Gough bjg@network-theory.co.uk
Fri Jan 16 12:39:00 GMT 2004

Andrew Binkley writes:
 > Here are the test cases.  They should excercise all portions of the code.
 > I had to redo the log ones -- thus the delay in my reply.  I am not
 > familiar with the test suite so I have just included the cases in plain
 > text.


To add tests by hand to the test suite what you need to do is make a
file results_eh.h containing lines like

  {FN (sqrt), ARG(0.0e+00,0.0e+00), RES(0e0, 0.0)},

where FN is the function (without the gsl_complex prefix), ARG is the
argument and RES is the result.  Then #include this file in test.c
immediately after the line where the existing results.h file is


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