simulated annealing

Brian Gough
Mon Mar 31 18:37:00 GMT 2003

Achim_Gaedke writes
 > But at least some questions are open:
 > - The variable gsl_siman_params_t.iters_fixed_T is unused, but explained,
 > - and the intended difference between n_tries and iters_fixed_T is not 
 > clear,

As in your patch it looks like iters_fixed_T should be used in
gsl_siman_solve and n_tries is for gsl_siman_solve_many.

 > - also the difference between gsl_siman_solve_many and gsl_siman_solve 
 > is unclear (gsl_siman_solve_many is only found in the header)

At the time I didn't document it in the manual because I wasn't sure
whether it was finished/tested, since it isn't used in the test
programs.  I believe the idea is simply to run n_tries in parallel.

 > - gsl_siman_solve algorithm: (the patch is attached)

I've applied the patch, thanks.

 > - gsl_siman_solve_many algorithm:
 > * are there extensions to the variable data length interface of 
 > gsl_siman_solve() ?

I don't have any.  If gsl_siman_solve_many is useful we should update
it so it can be used and go in the manual as an "official" function.


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