Gangolf Jobb
Mon Mar 31 18:06:00 GMT 2003

hi folks,

first of all thanks for inviting me to post here,

second, i am not going to use the gsl under the terms of the gpl,

third, i am not going to contribute anything, though i could.

what is the use of free software, if it is not the programmer who is 
gaining freedom by writing and selling software? i mean those kinds of 
freedom that require money: the freedom to get rid of a boss who is 
paying the programmers wage and telling him or her what to do. the 
freedom to take holidays whenever the programmer likes to. the freedom 
to get rid of the house-owner to whoom the programmer must pay rent each 
month and so on. there are people in this world who do not own anything 
and whose only chance to become free is by writing commercial software. 
i could live very well with a gsl under the lesser gpl and i do not 
support intolerance against those who are producing proprietary software 
as it is stated with almost religious fanatism in Richard Stallman's 


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