GSL and Borland C++ Builder again

Brian Gough
Sun Mar 30 15:53:00 GMT 2003

Bolek Vrany writes:
 > there was an error in my previous post on how to use GSL with Borland 
 > C++ Builder. I wrote you need the GSL DLL library compiled with 
 > Microsoft Visual C++ you can simply find at, 
 > use the implib utility supplied with BCB to make an import library for 
 > that DLL and you need to redefine the GSL_VAR macro to
 >  > #ifndef GSL_VAR
 >  >
 >  > #if defined(__BORLANDC__) || defined(__BCPLUSPLUS__)
 >  > /* We have a Borland compiler
 >  >     It has __WIN32__ instead of WIN32 in MSVC,
 >  >     __DLL__ instead of _DLL in MSVC
 >  >    also add extern to the macro
 >  > */

In the next release I am using separate preprocessor variables for
each case, and not using compiler variables like __DLL, so it will be
easier to select the appropriate definitions with other compilers.
I've also added the extern since that turns out to be needed for MSVC


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