FFTW 3.0 beta available

Brian Gough bjg@network-theory.co.uk
Sat Mar 22 21:03:00 GMT 2003

GSL is intended as a free alternative to general purpose numerical
libraries such as NAG/IMSL/Numerical Recipes.  Historically this
accounts for the majority of users.  Consequently GSL's main design
goal is ease of use for the casual user, rather than performance.

I see high-performance libraries as being in a different part of the
ease-of-use/performance trade-off space from GSL.  So, for example, I
plan to keep the FFTs in GSL, since they fill a different need from

I'm not personally planning to expand the scope of GSL into an
umbrella project, since we're already resource limited - at the moment
I would just like to get more people involved in what we have.

Regarding LAPACK, I did once look at the possibility of making it more
accessible from C but basically decided that it was not worthwhile due
to (a) issues with row/column-major storage (b) licensing of LAPACK
itself and its non-free documentation.  I decided to leave the LAPACK
problem for someone else to solve.

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