parameter checking

Brian Gough
Sat Mar 22 18:50:00 GMT 2003

Nigel Wetters writes:
 > I guess this is a question about coding style. For the past few
 > days, I've been stupidly passing zero values to construct gamma
 > distributrions, when the library assumed it would never be passed a
 > zero value. I'm obviously at fault here, but I would have found the
 > problem a lot quicker with a bit of help from the libraries.
 > If a function expects parameters within certain bounds, should
 > those parameters be checked, or is it the user's responsibility to
 > check bounds before calling a function?

There is currently no error checking on the pdf functions -- see
randist/TODO.  When a function returns a double there is an issue of
how to signal an error.  The only option in this case is to return NaN
for invalid parameters.

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