FFTW 3.0 beta available

Brian Gough bjg@network-theory.co.uk
Mon Mar 17 23:29:00 GMT 2003

Steven G. Johnson writes:
 > Since we're both providing GPL'ed numerical libraries, we thought you
 > might be interested to hear that we've released a beta of FFTW 3.0 on our
 > web site (www.fftw.org).


Thanks for the information.  

Steven G. Johnson writes:
 > Is there any interest in calling FFTW from GSL?  GSL's FFT performance is
 > respectable, but our latest benchmarks (not yet posted) show that FFTW 3
 > is significantly faster on most machines, as well as being more general.

In the FFT Chapter of the GSL manual we recommend that people use
FFTW.  There is no competitor to FFTW and it is GPL'ed, so what more
can I say ;-)

I plan to keep the existing FFT routines in GSL for backwards
compatibility, and because GSL does not have any dependencies on
external libraries.  

Where performance is an issue I'd recommend that people write their
code to call FFTW directly.  But if someone writes a wrapper to make
GSL FFT calls use FFTW I'd be happy to make it available somewhere.

best regards,
Brian Gough

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