multimin.h / min.h not compiling

Brian Gough
Sun Mar 2 20:46:00 GMT 2003

danilo mercurio writes:
 > we are trying to use the gsl_multimin.h and encounter
 > problems. While other applications using gsl compile, we always get
 > several error messages located in gsl_precision.h (saying something
 > like unknown object, constant object hast to be initialized ...)
 > We are using visual studio 6.0 and we actually try to compile the
 > example for multimin.h (and the same for min.h) coming with the gsl
 > distribution.

What version of GSL are you using?

I think this should work with the version of GSL-1.3 currently on my
website.  There were some problems with the initial version of GSL-1.3
that I released so I had to repackage it.  If you downloaded it before
7 Feb you might want to update it and let me know.  It's possible
there is some problem with it because I do not know much about MSVC.


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