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Dr.Vladimir Gurevich
Mon Feb 24 17:30:00 GMT 2003


                                    NEW BOOK:

                                  February 2003
         Publisher: Marcel Dekker Inc., New-York, USA,
         Author:    Dr. Vladimir Gurevich, Israel Electric Corp.
     Hard Cover // 304 pp., illustrated. // ISBN: 0-8247-4056-4 // $ 135.00

The book presents description of unique novel technology for protection of high voltage
equipment (power supplies, lasers, radar, RF generators, ect.) against internal breakdowns
and overloads

                                    and also:

          for upgrading of automation systems in power network 10 - 36 kV.

The book contains technical details essential to manufacturers of high-voltage equipment
for commercial production of novel protection devices and to power companies for
self-supporting building the novel devices in their laboratories.

Designed as the review of achievements in the field of protection of the high-voltage
installations, "Protection Devices and systems for High Voltage Applications":
    -  discussed general problems related to the generation of current overload protection
    -  describes different designs of new type high voltage interfaces, which have not been
       published before
    -  describes the high and  low voltage semiconductor and reed switch based hybrid
       switching devices
    -  includes descriptions of different automation devices developed by author,
       designated for use in power network 10 - 36 kilovolt
    -  describes automatic overload protection systems, based on new elements, for powerful
       radar, lasers, RF-generators, etc.
    -  presents different technological high voltage devices
    -  contains vast ready reference information, which is intended to facilitate designers
       reproducing the described devices making the monograph unique in some way.
    -  and more!

"Protection Devices and systems for High Voltage Applications" suited to electrical, radio,
power, electro-physical, industrial engineers; research and development managers; and
upper-level undergraduate, graduate, and continuing-education students in these disciplines.
Lecturers of colleges and instructors of training courses in the respective subjects will
find in the book interesting reference material for lectures.

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