powell minimization?

Jacek Pliszka pliszka@physics.ucr.edu
Fri Feb 14 03:44:00 GMT 2003

On Thu, 2003-02-13 at 19:34, Alexandre Guimond wrote:
> Hi.  I looked through the list archive and I saw a couple of people
> mentionning they wanted to get started on writing a powell
> implementation.  I was wondering if this had been done by any chance?
> I sure would love to use it.

Well, I guess it was me who was most vocal on the topic.

I started writing the code - I translated the Powell's book code into
C so we had no problem with copyrights. I haven't debugged it thorougly
though. I started integrating it into GSL but did not do much work on it. 
I am stuck with a lot of other stuff.

If you want to try something/work on it I can send you the codes I got.

However if it is not urgent please wait until weekend - I will try
to find couple of hours then and clean up the code a bit adn then
send it to you.



Jacek Pliszka <pliszka@physics.ucr.edu>

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