How to use in msvc directory?

José Miguel Buenaposada Biencinto
Fri Feb 7 16:09:00 GMT 2003


(Please, reply to me directly as I'm not in the list).

I'd like to know the procedure to generate the Visual C++
project files from the perl scripts. There is some of them
in the msvc directory and for sure I'm missing something but
I can not get a valid *.dsw and *.dsp files from the scripts.

I run from the gsl root directory like:

$ ./msvc/ GSLDLL

and opening the GSL.dsw (trought Samba in a windows machine) I get 
nothing in Visual C++.

Well, what I'd like are instructions on how to use the perl stuff
to get the Visual C++ Project files.

I'd like to understand this stuff in order to maje something
similar in one of the projects I'm working in.

Thanks a lot for your patience ;-)
José Miguel.

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