Compilation errors with VC++ 6.0

Pere Mato
Wed Feb 5 21:57:00 GMT 2003

> I would like to ask if the naming convention of the gsl libraries is
> ok -- after this change the new layout will be,
>   lib\libgsl.dll    -- multi-threaded DLL
>   lib\libgsl.exp
>   lib\libgsl.lib
>   lib\libgslML.lib  -- single-threaded static
>   lib\libgslMT.lib  -- multi-threaded static (not installed by default)
>   lib\libgslMLd.lib -- single-threaded static debug (not installed by
>   lib\libgslMTd.lib -- multi-threaded static debug  (not installed by
> I copied the convention from the standard runtime library MSVCRT.lib.
> I have looked on the web and seen some other conventions used
> (e.g. "s" for static), and also some people using #pragma
> comment(lib,"....") to do the linking automatically.
> I'm not sure what the "standard" way to do things on Windows is, but I
> would like to make GSL follow the conventions that people expect.

  I do not know what the "standard" way is, but your naming convention seems
reasonable. The only thing I know is that libraries are not necessary to be
prefixed with "lib" on Windows, but it does not harm.


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