GSL for MS Visual C++

Brian Gough
Tue Jan 21 21:33:00 GMT 2003

Brian Gough writes:
 > Anthony RABINE writes:
 >  > error C2201: 'gsl_prec_eps' : must have external linkage in order to be exported/imported
 >  > error C2734: 'gsl_prec_eps' : const object must be initialized if not extern
 >  > error C2133: 'gsl_prec_eps' : unknown size
 > Thanks for the bug reports.  I'll look at this problem again when I
 > make the MSVC version of gsl-1.3.

I found the problem -- the symbol for gsl_prec_eps was left out of the
exports list.  It should eb fixed in the new version at .  

I've changed the default to build a static library (I think people
were confused about the /MD needed to use the DLL) but you can rebuild
the DLL easily from the GSLDLL.dsw file in the src directory following
the instructions in the README file.

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