Complex version of gsl_linalg_solve_symm_tridiag

Brian Gough
Sun Jan 12 19:29:00 GMT 2003

Stewart, Derek writes:
 > 	I am using GSL to work with complex matrices and it has proved
 > very useful.  In many cases, I need to take the inverse of a
 > complex matrice and it would be very helpful to take advantage of
 > the tridiagonal nature of the matrix.  I know that GSL has the
 > routine gsl_linalg_solve_symm_tridiag which can be used on real
 > matrices.  I was wondering if there was a version for complex
 > matrices in the works or if someone had adapted the routine for
 > complex matrices.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

We don't have complex version of gsl_linalg_solve_symm_tridiag.  If
you can write one I'll be happy to add it.


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