A question and a little request.

Brian Gough brian.gough@network-theory.co.uk
Sun Jan 12 19:29:00 GMT 2003

Andrea Riciputi writes:
 > I've been using GSL for half an year under MacOS X. As far as I can
 > see they work pretty well, but I use only few routines (especially
 > those related to special functions). However, if I try to test them
 > thouroughly (via make check) I get an internal compiler error
 > (using gcc3) or the check fails (with gcc2).

Can you send a bug report for the failures, with the exact version of
gcc2 (if they are not documented in the INSTALL file, e.g. failure for
eigen/ tests).

If make check fails then there is definitely a problem.  It may not
affect the routines you are using though.  Ultimately there is no
substitute for careful manual checking of the routines you are using.

 > Finally a little request. I'm would be very glad to see a PDF
 > version of reference manual.

Ghostscript's ps2pdf will do the conversion from the PS file, I think
it is available for the Mac.


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