compiling Octave 2.1.40 w/ GSL 1.3

Brian Gough
Wed Jan 1 20:52:00 GMT 2003

Rodney Sparapani writes:
 > Has anyone compiled Octave 2.1.40 w/ GSL 1.3?  I'm using Solaris 8
 > w/ GCC 3.2 and I did "configure --with-blas=gslcblas".  But, I got
 > the following message: checking for sgemm_ in -lgslcblas... no And,
 > it didn't find a BLAS library.  Does anyone know what is wrong
 > here?

There's a difference between the BLAS and CBLAS (function names are
prefixed with cblas_).  I think Octave is looking for a BLAS library.

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