GAL BLAS Problem!!

rajesh verma
Wed Jun 12 23:56:00 GMT 2002

Hi there!!,

    I'm comparing NAG and GSL C libraries.I have a problem in your GSL BLAS libraries.
1. I didn't find any functions to define the Matrix-vector product for 
(i)Real rectangular band matrix ,
(ii)Real symmetric band matrix,
(iii)Real symmetric packed matrix,
(iv)Real triangular band matrix,
(v)Real triangular packed matrix, 
and System of equations for Real triangular packed matrix,etc.
I want know if any other routines available in GSL to support above functions.Do you know any other free libraries available in market which support this.
If these routines are not available in market,I have an idea to develop and contribute to GSL.How can i proceed in this regard.
Please mail me the details.

Thanks in advance..

with warm regards,
Rajesh verma

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