Help with ODE's

Sam Halliday
Mon Apr 29 04:24:00 GMT 2002

Hello there,

i think gsl is a fantastic project, and i've been using it in my simulations 
since i found out about it.

i have only ever had to solve 2 ODEs at one time, and i was lucky enough that 
the example in the documentation deals with this scenario, however i find the 
API of the ODE part of the library to be somewhat cryptic and i am having 
problems changing my code to solve for 3 ODEs at one time.. could anyone 
please give me some pointers as to how i would do that?

and also, i noticed that to do an 8th order runge-kutta i must declare a 
jacobian, could somebody please explain to me how i get this from my 
equations? i am aware of jacobians in mathematics, but never heard of it in 
numerics, i must admit i am of an analytic background.

thanks in advance!
Sam Halliday
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