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Wed Apr 3 21:55:00 GMT 2002

Hi everybody,

if you don't know what I am talking about below you probably don't

GSL relies on (emacs) calc for the generation of it's constant header
files.  calc uses some pretty old constants in it's calculations.  So
I updated calc to use CODATA 1998 data and updated a few more
conversion factors.
I submitted that patch to the author of calc and hope we get a new
version soon.

Anyway we might go ahead and use the updated version of calc for the
generation of GSL headers right away. This would make the constants in
GSL more appropriate.  On the other hand it might cause problems
because of interference/discrepancies between old-calc and new-calc
versions of GSL.

It is relatively straightforward to get an locally updated GSL version
-- patch your calc, regenerate the GSL constants headers,
compile and install GSL...

So I attach the patch and we see what you guys wanna do with it.  

It would be great if someone could check the values and make sure I
didn't put in anything wrong (more eyes see better:).  All references
are given in the code.

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