Compiling GSL for Mac OS X -> make stops

Thomas Lachand-Robert
Mon Apr 1 10:29:00 GMT 2002

I'm trying to compile GSL for Mac OS X. The configure program works, but 
make stops after some time:
Making all in vector
make[2]: *** Pas de r?e pour fabriquer la cible 
`../gsl/gsl_vector_complex_long_double.h', n?ssaire pour `init.lo'. Arr?

(Which is supposed to be french, except some characters have disappeared; 
but that basically means it doesn't know how to make the target 
I don't need long-double at all, is there some way to bipass that?

Thanks in adavance for help,

Thomas Lachand-Robert
<< Et le chemin est long du projet à la chose. >> Molière, Tartuffe.

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