Oisin ofeeley@is2.dal.ca
Fri Mar 31 22:45:00 GMT 2000

Hello all,
well now that I'm experimenting with GSL I must say that I'm very
impressed - especially with the PRNG facilities!  This library is 
filling a gaping void on Linux.
	I have a question that I have every hope that someone here
can answer - I notice that you are using the fpu set control-word
stuff for x86 platforms.  I had discovered this in a very unprincipled
romp through the headers.  I've asked about techniques to do this on
newsgroups etc. and there appears to be little common knowledge about
it , especially about the change to _FPU_SETCW() in glibc.  I have
had a hard look at the info files that came with RH6.1 to see if there
is mention of this, but there is none.  What/where is the most current
source of information on this?

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