Reference counting for matrices

Klaus Schilling
Tue Mar 14 06:08:00 GMT 2000

Brian Gough writes:
 > Mark Galassi writes:
 >  > I have not looked in detail at the issue, so all I know is that
 >  > "reference counting helps with VHLL bindings".  Is that correct?  I
 >  > guess it allows you to not have explicitly call a destructor from the
 >  > VHLL when the object could be garbage collected.
 > It's true that reference counting would help in that case. It is not
 > difficult to make the current system do that and it could be provided
 > via #ifdefs if someone wanted to build a version of the library which
 > works that way.

And this doesn't depend on the garbage collection mechanism of the VHLL?
The mark-and-sweep of guile, ruby, elastiC and ici doesn't ressemble at 
all the primitive refcounting of perl. Can one expect the same thing 
to work well with all of the various mechanisms?

Klaus Schilling

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